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Test I-Linear


Just kidding! Image source – (just google college student meme)

That wasn’t too bad now was it!?  I write this post from Pittsburgh, a city that I have a few other names for that I will let your imagination figure out.  It’s also a miracle that I haven’t fallen off of any of the 4000 bridges here in the hour or so after I’ve arrived.  Bridges have been in the news lately, mainly the PA Turnpike Delaware River Bridge for failing, or if you are in Linear or CAD then the news involved truss-matrix formations.

All in all, I felt very confident going into this exam.  I completed the entire review over the week, and that translated very well for me while taking the test.  What have I learned so far?  Well for one, that setting up problems is still a mental roadblock for me.  Not like it used to be in say, Differential Equations, but still, I believe that I take too long to follow that particular process.  I think I aced that problem on the test though, so like I said, I’m still improving.

I would have to say that I was most surprised at Dr. Ferrar’s approach to the course.  When he brought up that first day of class, that “we rescued this course from the math department and I don’t intend on teaching you much theory,” I was exhilarated.  I was even more surprised when he stuck to that philosophy, and I feel like I have learned much more because of that.

As I mentioned above, it has been a challenge to conceptualize problems in the approach that Dr. Ferrar takes, but I am still improving and it honestly has helped me greatly.  It is more about changing the way you think, and in the long run that is much more beneficial than the traditional “plug and chug” method.

My favorite topic?  The truss matrices!  Good lord, where were these things when I was taking Statics!?  It is funny to think of how “Stupid” I was back then, knowing what I do now.  When I’m walking around on 4000 Pittsburgh bridges this weekend, I will undoubtedly ponder two thoughts…

1.) What is the size of this bridge’s truss matrix, and

2.) How the hell aren’t people constantly drowning with all of these bridges everywhere!?

…and maybe, where is Bane.


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3 responses to “Test I-Linear

  1. Raymond ⋅

    This is after the midterm, so how did you think you did? What do you think was the hardest part of the midterm? I didn’t think it was difficult at all, maybe it could have been the last page since it had to do with memorization. M project has to do with trusses and I’m comparing the bridge I go over everyday to get to Temple. After reading this, I too wonder how big is my matrix going to be if I did do the entire size of the bridge. Also a good portion of the review was creating a equation for a system and the test only had one problem on it. I felt underwhelmed while taking the test and hopefully I never over thought some of the easy problems. I hope the next test is about the same difficulty as this one. The matrix math is getting harder and matlab coding with loops are pretty hard to understand. Of course, practicing them everyday is going to help.

  2. Hey buddy, what dedication you have! While you were travelling to Pittsburgh to watch our Beloved Flyers lose another hockey game, you took some time to do your homework. I am in the same boat as you, I still dont completely understand the topic of head loss. This isnt a great thing to say because at the time of me writing this, the exam has already passed. There was a question involving head and i wasnt even able to finish it. This is definitely a concept that I will have to look over pretty hard before our final exam

  3. donjav

    I enjoy doing the truss matrices too. When I took Statics a few moons ago, I had a difficult time with the concepts of moments and the method of sections; gladly, I’ve grown in that area. Your concerns regarding Bane’s whereabouts are legitimate.

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