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Head Loss


Beer Again!

Hello from Pittsburgh again everyone!  Remember when I told you that “I would not lie to my readers,” in my first or second post?  I would like to continue to prove that by telling you that I would be lying if I said I completely understand “head loss.”  Not the concept, the concept is perfectly understandable to me.  I spent the last week studying and heavily preparing for today’s Linear mid-term, and so that dedication could be considered the friction that’s causing the “head loss” in my Fluids studies, which I have essentially neglected for the last week.  I try to keep things more balanced, but usually I become obsessed with whatever topic I am currently focused on.

So if I understand anything about head loss, then it has a lot of implications in the draft dispensary systems that I mentioned last week.  This is one of the problems that technicians may find while diagnosing a line problem.  Being involved with beer over the better part of the last decade, I have seen some dirty lines.  Ones that you would never want to have a nightmare about, because then you might question every time you order a draft beer again.

Once again, I am not going to lie to you.  I am writing this blog without fully understanding the head loss component of the Bernoulli equation.  And it you have a blockage in a beer line, then you probably have other things to worry about beyond trying to blow it out, like perhaps your physical and mental well-being.  Luckily beer lines are easily replaceable!

One more truth, I will revisit this subject after qualifying myself to discuss it further.  Until then,


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5 responses to “Head Loss

  1. Tim,
    This is a very interesting way to explain head loss yet I love it. A very good way to apply beer and fluids. I can completely agree with you on not understanding head loss.

    On another note enjoy the flyers game in Pittsburgh. I wish I could’ve went. Although I watched the game and it was not pretty. It seems as if every time they get on a roll they then struggle for just as long. Hopefully some more of those pucks find the back of the net because this hasn’t been pretty. But still GO FLYERS!

  2. tuf44887

    I like the comparison of head loss to beer. As a college student, I am a big fan of beer so this interests me. I am pretty jealous that you got to attend the flyers game in Pittsburgh even though they got beat up pretty bad and Crosby scored the first goal. We, flyers fan, are having a very stressful year….like all philly fans.

  3. jbotula

    Indeed, “head” means a lot of different things to different people! The beer thing was thankfully the first to enter my mind went to when Dr. Ferrar introduced it. I think maybe I get it now? Or at least hope so, having taken the fluids exam this morning.

  4. tue9

    I had no idea there was someone else in class involved in the beer industry. I’ve worked at a brewery for the past 5 years now, and we self distribute. Ive been in most restaurant basements across Philadelphia and have seen some very dirty lines…

    Shoot me an email sometime if you want to chat- .

  5. Loved how you related beer to head loss !!

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