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Linear Post-Test Post II

Good evening everyone!  I am sorry to continue to post these late submissions, but as I have mentioned, I am working on my time and project management.  Project management; (EEK!) let’s just say I am thankful for the extension and I am extremely grateful for the unexpected gift from Dr. Ferrar.

I prepare for tests by over analyzing EVERYTHING.  As Liz or Kian will tell you, I am annoying as hell when I am trying to figure something out.  Do I use Chegg?  Absolutely.  Do I copy and paste answers?  Never.

A lot of people pay for Chegg because they’re lazy and just want to get by.  I use it as a study guide.  I will literally take over an hour analyzing every aspect of a solution manual, whether it be class notes, endless Google searches, or a premium account that I make sure to get the most out of my money for.  (I apologize for that last sentence’s structure, I haven’t slept in 39 and a half hours.)

I view going to Na Brasa in the same light.  Sure, you pay a premium to get what you want, but why not take full advantage of it?  Why not just eat until you are on the brink of becoming physically ill or incapacitated?  Okay, so that is a terrible analogy.  But seriously go there, let’s make a class trip of it!  (RSVP in comments!)

In whatever seriousness or cohesiveness I can possibly squeeze out of this muddled and delirious post, the point I am trying to make is that you shouldn’t just accept face value for something like a solution manual.  And believe me, I keep telling you that I won’t lie to my audience!  Chegg is not an answer, it’s just a resource that should (and often isn’t) be used with great responsibility (I hear people snickering!).

Anyway, I am exhausted.  Don’t cheat yourselves friends, and I would love to have open discussions about assignments and material anytime I’m around.  Find me in the SEL.

Thanks for reading whatever I just wrote,

Seriously and sincerely,



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2 responses to “Linear Post-Test Post II

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  2. wirvey

    I love it when the course notes are the solution manual for the homework. It makes me feel accomplished and proud of my notes. The most infuriating part of a STEM course is when the material in the homework is not mentioned in class and one is left to chegg it out. When one is lucky, one finds a good solution with example, but the search usually ends in an answer and not an understanding due to the hastiness of the search.

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