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What Have I Learned? (Fluids Edition)

Alright, so I just located this draft from last week, just after posting Linear Post-Test Post II a few minutes ago.  Let’s see how they compare…

“So far?

That Dr. Ferrar wants you to think instead of going through the motions.

I’m especially glad that he called out all of the Chegg’ers, because copying down the answers doesn’t prove anything other than you proving that a robot can (and will) replace you.

I use Chegg.  It has helped me get through several difficult courses.  I know that some of my classmates use it to survive, but I use it as an insight into the material.”

So I wrote that earlier on in the week, and I would like to hear some comments from you guys on what you think about these two posts.  Obviously this one is just the beginning of what was sure to be a rant, whereas the completed post from a few minutes ago was more of a lesson piece.

Albeit, a lesson piece from a severely delirious individual!

I am beat guys, I promise to get to your comments and blogs later on, but I’m calling it a night after 40 hours.

We can talk about the test (if you dare!) next week.

Thanks for glancing, and have a great weekend!



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6 responses to “What Have I Learned? (Fluids Edition)

  1. TIm,
    Good post. I can completely agree to the whole Chegg scenario. Although I must admit I do use it sometimes when I need help and am unable to meet the professor. Chegg can be a great study tool if used the right way. As I have noticed they sometimes tend to take a different approach to things and can make everything even more confusing then it already is.

    And for the test…well yeah. That was a test. Hopefully it will go a little better next time.

  2. You can’t criticize people who use Chegg if you use it also! I have used it a lot. Sure the material is better off learned if you think through the situation and use appropriate methods, but sometimes people can’t properly dissect a problem until they see a solution! We shouldn’t know how to solve every single problem yet, we aren’t the professionals. Looking at the solution online and learning the concept is the same as watching professor Ferrar write the solution out in class.

    • Ya that’s what I mean, the excerpt here was from a draft that I didn’t mean to save because I realized I was just going to go on a rant without taking the other side of the equation into fuller context.

      My last post gives more insight into that side, whereas this excerpt was just meant to focus on people that only use Chegg to copy and paste answers, as opposed to those who use it as a resourceful study guide.

  3. Last semester I relied heavily on Chegg for my courses. I would try to teach myself the material using it. Looking back, that wasn’t great. I was uninspired, and doing myself an injustice. This semester I have made a commitment to sitting in the front row of all of my classes and avoiding chegg as much as possible. Only when I have exhausted all of my options (textbook, talking to other classmates, even emailing professors) do I resort to chegg, and by then it’s usually me just realizing I made a stupid conversion issue. Chegg can be a good resource, but not good to depend on.

  4. kylepweb

    While Chegg has saved me from certain death in a few of my classes, a lot of people are too dependent on it. I feel like its not as necessary in this class, thankfully. I would usually use Chegg for my calculus classes, where my professors weren’t really helpful,constantly assigned busy work, and focused primarily on passing exams. Dr. Ferar is more focused on actually understanding the material, though, which is a huge plus and something I’m not used to a professor doing.

    • I completely concur! He is a very engaged unlike most of the professors that I’ve dealt with over the years. The feeling of completing the work without outside assistance is priceless, and I hope to achieve that more often!

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