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Some Post-Test Thoughts: Fluids

Happy Spring Break Eve Everyone!  Judging from most of the reactions after last week’s test, most of us are going to be very happy to have this break to recover!

Personally, I didn’t think that the test was all that difficult, but with that being said, I also believe that I could have done substantially better.  Preparing for the test involved completing the entire test review, aside from the blood problem because for some reason that skeeves me out.  Especially bizarre for me, considering that as a hockey player I routinely leak like a faucet out of my nose, mouth, or face, and that doesn’t bother me at all.

Honestly, I am quite used to preparing my own equation sheet, and not having that resource on this specific test most likely hurt my score.  I am looking forward to improving in the future though, and so far the new material has been easier for me to wrap my head around (knowing what I do now, of course).

My time management skills are still lacking what they need to be for this semester, but this break is going to give me all of the time in the world to get back on track, finally!  That means that I can bring you all a wonderful update on my project next week!

Thanks for reading, and I’m hoping to post some better content soon,



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7 responses to “Some Post-Test Thoughts: Fluids

  1. jbotula

    Agreed, I thought the test was pretty reasonable, and that maybe given some extra time, I could have answered all the questions with a bit more confidence. Though I had the opposite reaction to the formula sheet – I really liked it! Making my own sheet can feel like a waste of time since it takes so much patience to get everything as small and legibly as possible. I’d rather just spend my time practicing the material!

  2. Great post again Tim. Although I had a hard time on the exam I did not believe it was that difficult. For the next exam I plan on approaching things much differently then I did.

  3. I hope you did as well as you thought! nothing is worse then feeling great after an exam and then being disappointed.

  4. I agree with you, hopefully next time your content will be better. Just kidding sort of. I wish I felt as confident as you do about the test. I got nothing done over break, so this week I am playing catch up as usual.

  5. Hi, Tim. I guess all of the time in the world is not enough. Because you haven’t update on the project yet. Well, I face the same problem. So, let’s be sad together D:

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