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Final (Fluids) Project Update


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Hey guys, hopefully you are all done your projects now, unlike I am!

The project I took on regarding draft beer has actually opened my eyes further to a bunch of the inefficiencies or common misconceptions that I’ve learned and doubted over the years.  Wow, that is a long sentence.

I have come to realize through our Fluids project that many of the “assumedly (not a word until now) negligible” factors that I grew up with in the service of draft beer systems are not as “negligible” as I assumed (I guess the -ly is a victim of head loss).

Length of tubing (“yeah, at least three feet is fine”), diameter of tubing (“whichever fits your setup, shouldn’t really matter,” although we found that the larger diameters seemed to be better), or pressure of the regulator (“oh somewhere between 8 and 12 psi, try ‘x’ and expect ‘y’ and adjust for ‘z’ until we get it”) were always taken into consideration, but never scientifically.  That’s not to say that we weren’t good at what we were doing.  We were damned good; Kenny (my former boss) knew his shit and continues to pass it on to anyone who finds it interesting.

But I mean hell, if we had any idea of exactly what we were doing (methodically and scientifically, although I always loved our diagnostics process), then Kenny’s idea of me moonlighting as a draft specialist may have taken off more in my mind.  The fact that I now possess some fundamental knowledge in Fluid Mechanics has inspired me to reminisce about how damned good we were before I had this droplet’s worth of knowledge in the subject.  We knew what we were doing without the science.  But we didn’t fully understand it.  I might have passed the lab test, but never the one with the math and the scary Greek letters.

I barely knew how cool this project was to me until a few days ago, and I can contribute all or a major part of that to Kenny.  Hopefully I can give back to him a single beer’s worth of what he taught me.  And hopefully, I can present you guys with a presentation worth your time as well.

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P.S. Kenny always told me about his son’s experiences in Fluids class, and it seemed intimidating as hell.  Luckily for me I’ve found it to be a fascinating subject, and I am fully immersed in (no pun intended) learning the material.


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2 responses to “Final (Fluids) Project Update

  1. This is a very interesting topic for the project. I never realized how many applications there are for the mechanics of fluids. It is really cool that you are able to relate this project to something that you have experience with. Good luck!

  2. Hey Tim, good work on your blog post! It was very entertaining and interesting to read. I like the way you blog, keep doing what you’re doing!

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