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Final Linear Project Update

It’s 1:55AM.  Less than an Earth day’s left until this project is due.  A few days ago I decided to completely ditch my previous proposal for something that I hadn’t even looked into yet.  I love jet engines.  I jumped into this major because I grew fascinated with aircraft.  But I don’t know shit about them, as far as constructing a technically sound project regarding their propulsion goes.

I can compare my GE-90 knowledge to my piano skills, I can play the gorgeous instrument well enough to convince those that don’t know any better that I know what I am doing.  Hell, just tonight I got looks of bewilderment from a coworker (in the industry for 40 years, albeit as a merchandiser) and customer when I was referring to the pressure needed to obtain a widely accepted volumetric flow rate for a draft beer faucet.  r/fluidsproject is leaking.

I know it sounds intimidating to some people, but I am only a student whose outside interests blend with my major.  I’m not trying to sound intelligent, I merely find fascination daily with all of the practical applications for my engineering education.  Regardless, I was not fully prepared for the topic I had originally proposed, and so I decided to take a different route.

I hope you guys like hockey!

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I'm a mechanical engineering student that loves aviation and hockey.

14 responses to “Final Linear Project Update

  1. Most of my project thought process was stressed in selecting the topic itself! Finding a reasonable system to analyze was definitely the more difficult portion of the project.

  2. ti36xpro

    Even though this was just an update post, your writing interests me like your other posts. Keep up the good work!

  3. tug96949

    I went into the project fully planning to do bridges and trusses. I spent a few hours researching and got nowhere fast. Then a few days ago I was thinking about how things get distributed around the world when I made an online purchase. Then for some reason, girl scout cookies came into my mind. And I mashed the two ideas together and was able to find information much easier to complete it. The bridge project I would have had to make up to much and no way to validate it.

  4. Great Project but feel bad that you had to do two of them :/

  5. jbotula

    I found myself in a similar position, though I suppose more often and less drastically. The whole project-topic-finding process was sort of a circuitous path as I kept running into walls where I didn’t know enough or the complexity didn’t seem high enough. I’ll be curious to see how Dr. Ferrar sets us up for the group project after he gets a chance to review all of our projects.

  6. I bet you could have figured it out if you started it sooner than the day before it was do. Just saying… Anyways I can’t really talk much because I picked the easiest thing I could think of even though I had zero interest in it. It became more of a ‘what will get this project done the fastest’ as opposed to ‘what really interests me that will help me in the long run’. At this point, it feels as though I’m just trying to survive.

  7. Tim,
    Hopefully your project went well. Your project idea sounds cool but pretty difficult.
    And speaking of hockey…the Flyers have been on some crazy ups and downs but they are going to need some serious wins here to make the playoffs.

  8. Raymond ⋅

    A lot of people are stressing out on the project and that the amount of information that has to be researched then studied is the hardest part. I wonder if there will be stricter guidelines for the next project (the group one). I hope you finished and the project came out awesome because having only one day to do it seems kind of suicide. I could never finish another one in a day. Maybe if I had the whole day and pressure to finish it or else receive a bad grade. I’m glad that you ended choosing planes over what you had originally but what made you change it? Did you get stuck and thought the better option was to just do a new one, again seems difficult but hopefully you did it on time and it turned out well.

  9. tue9

    I know what you mean about the looks you get. I realized after working for too many hours in a row that I needed to take a break. It was late to I printed my paper, walked to my corner bar and ordered a pint. A friend and manager walked by and noticed I had a paper in my back pocket–I had planned to proof read for simple tense and other grammar issues while finishing my beer.

    Nothing Ive ever done at a bar has ever put such a confused look on a managers face as when he began reading the first paragraph and then thumbed through the data and figures section…

  10. wirvey

    I also think I messed up my project. ’nuff said.

  11. Pretty ballsy to make up a whole new project right before its due haha. Its a week later and Im sure that you handed it in on time though. We should take this as a lesson and get the next one done early!

  12. Like anonymousjoshfrye said “pretty ballsy to make a whole new project before it is due.” However, sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

  13. I ended up changing my project the night before it was due also. It was awful to do a few weeks worth of work in one night, but oh well. I got it done.

  14. tug76219 ⋅

    seems like a very interesting project that you got going on. I had changed my initial proposal as well. Good luck.

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