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Still Grinding

Hey folks,

Still coding over here, although I’m getting very close to the “F it” button.  There are two parts to me when I hit that button.

The first part is the part that realizes that I’ve been writing (attempting to write?) this code since 12:30 or so this afternoon.  I have put forth a lot of effort into creating my own code, and I have resisted the temptation of using codes that I’ve found online in favor of learning how to do it myself.  That being said, throwing in the towel is an outcome that I obviously would like to avoid, but I do have a feeling of accomplishment from trying to teach myself how to complete this code properly.

The second part is my inner disappointment at my inability (well as I write this, it’s only 10:50) to complete the code to my own standards and the assignment’s standards of completion.  I have until 11:59, but hell, I am tired of this shit.  Quite honestly, this is a feeling that I have frequently, but I always find myself working up until the last moments regardless.  I admire that about myself, but at the same time, the work I submit occasionally leaves something to be desired to the quality of standards I try to adhere to.

Feeling like tonight is going to end in an “F it” button kind of night ( before 11:59), but at least I can say that I gave it an honest and determined effort.

Thanks for reading, and remember to breathe this weekend,



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I'm a mechanical engineering student that loves aviation and hockey.

13 responses to “Still Grinding

  1. Tim, you are always up way later than me trying to figure this crap out. If I can’t do it by 8pm, I am done. I wish I still have your kind of drive to figure things out yourself rather than just getting it done. I dont know how many times I’ve redone a matrix and still get it wrong until finally the F it creeps in and i loose interest. Maybe that’s my problem, I loose interest too quickly and have a hard time focusing when I can’t figure something out. Ahhh the feelings that come along with self discovery.

  2. You did better than me. I skipped the homework all together last week. It was crazy since that was the week of my machine theory exams (I think those were last week..? I can’t even keep track of time anymore). Anyway, it is awesome you put so much effort into it. You learned more than I did.

  3. klkianzad

    MATLAB is great right? If only there was a way it could read your mind and code itself. I bet sooner or later someone will code up something like that. Until then I think we all hit the “F it” button at some point. You get props for trying buddy and hard work usually pays off. Good Post Tim.

  4. Hey buddy, after reading through this again, im sure that this is for your linear blog, but whatever, ill leave a comment. Sounds like alot more matlab in your linear class this semester than last. Im still getting used to how much matlab we use so best of luck as you finish off linear this semester!

  5. Similar to Josh, I also realized after the second time reading this that it had nothing to do with Fluids. However, I am going to comment anyways. Matlab is starting to become a huge part of all of our classes coming down the stretch. I am still in the process of trying to improve in this department. Throwing in the towel is always a thought on mind and sometimes I do it but sometimes I persevere and get it done. Hope you got it done!

  6. Tim I definitely agree with you on this. Eventually sometimes you just get tired of doing the same thing over and over and getting and it wrong sometimes taking a break is all ya need to get your head back on straight.

  7. wirvey

    Thanks for the advice. I understand the frustration when one is unable to get into the state of flow.

  8. The fact that you always find yourself working up until the last minute is something you very well should be proud of. I have a very bad issue with immediate gratification. A lot of times i’ll just look at an assignment and get so frustrated that I convince myself its not worth the heartache, only to regret it later.

  9. You sound like a very hard worker that doesn’t give up! Good work! Don’t ever lose that drive. One day you will be happy you still have it. Good luck!

  10. Nick ⋅

    The feeling that things aren’t up to your own standard is a sign of someone who wants to do things the right way, and is a very good attribute to have as long as you know when it is time to push that F’ it button. I sometimes catch myself wishing I had the disposition some others have where the minimum is good enough. Like you, I often find myself minutes from a deadline and still nowhere near satisfied with the product, but then turning something in is way better than nothing at all.

  11. tuf44887

    When I took Linear systems last semester, we barely used matlab. The only time we used it was during the last two weeks of the semester. I am not good at Matlab and that kinda sucks since we are starting to use it in every class. I need to start grinding to learn how to use this program.

  12. zachscanfluids ⋅

    Aye keep grinding my friend! This semester has definitely had a lot of “f it” moments. We’ve used matlab so much this semester and I’ve realized how much of a pain it can be but also how helpful it can be. Well 3 weeks left! stay grinding

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