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Taking a Break

This is something that I don’t do as often as I should when I’m working.  I have been trying to create my own MATLAB code for LU decomposition featuring a pivot since approximately 12:30 this afternoon.  I just took a moment to pour myself a beer; and it dawned on me, at this rate I will never complete my blog posts in time.

So I decided to take a break from the endless and relatively fruitless Google searches and trial-and-error session that I have been torturing myself with since this afternoon.  I’m not sure that taking a break from this particular subject is necessarily the most useful approach in solving the problem, but it is good to cool down from the aggressive frustration that I’ve been feeling trying to solve this for hours.

Even when I am taking a break, my brain tends to race with potential solutions or different approaches to problems.  Sometimes I wish I could just chill out and empty my mind, but that is rarely the case.  I suppose that having a very active brain is beneficial in the long run, but in the moment I often wish that the damned thing would settle down for a few seconds.

So, short post, back to coding, and remember to take your breaks when you can.

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4 responses to “Taking a Break

  1. tue9

    I couldn’t agree more. Code is certainly one of those things that you need to take breaks to refresh. Without that you descend into madness. I find that Im most active with those projects late at night and perhaps with a beer or two to relax.


  2. tug76219 ⋅

    I hope you found a solution to your coding problem. coding can be very frustrating so I don’t blame you for taking breaks while you can.

  3. jbotula

    I’ve had to do some coding in jobs and yes, it can absolutely brutal. I found out pretty fast coding is not something I ever want to do full-time. That being said, it’s also interesting and incredibly useful, so it’s a great thing to have in your toolbox – even if it means grinding to get your skills up.

  4. You have a great work ethic and it seems like you are really passionate about the things you invest time into. I think this will be an asset to you in many things in life. It is important to take breaks, however, but I am very guilty of all work and no play, too. Good luck!

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