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Essen Scheiße Eins

Hey guys, happy Friday!

Linear test went pretty well I believe.  The course load I took on has become increasingly apparent to me as the semester has gone on, and preparing for this test made me very aware of that.  Normally I would construct a better sentence than that (and this for that matter), but I frankly do not have the time.

I fell behind early in the second dose of linear studies, mainly due to the staggered tests in Fluids that I share with Dr. Ferrar and the other courses that are unrelated.  Luckily, I have a relatively decent understanding of the subject, and thanks to my good friends Liz, Kian, and Andrew I was able to swiftly conquer the exam’s review.

The course notes and additional content were invaluable (I know I use that word a lot, but I’m short of time again), and that along with aid from my classmates got me through.  And they continue to.

Thanks for reading (sorry for the abbreviated post),



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2 responses to “Essen Scheiße Eins

  1. wirvey

    I don’t feel like I was eating shit during the linear exam. Maybe during the last question, though.

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