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Essen Scheiße Zwei

Hello again guys!

Fluids Test II was today, and I can say that I think I blew it, especially compared to the first test.

I believe I figured out the bane of my 50+ min existence approximately 10 minutes after the exam ended.  The backwards flow messed me up, and I spent too much time trying to figure that out.  (more horrible sentences, sorry guys, I should be better.)

I thought the test was very fair, and I did not prepare as well as I did (or should have) for test 1.  I’m sure my grade will reflect that, and I have accepted that.

Although grades are important to me, there are always situations where I can honestly say that the numerical grade does not reflect my knowledge or confidence in the course.

Even if I blew it, I am confident that I have learned and I will continue to stride for improvement.

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One response to “Essen Scheiße Zwei

  1. I am still not confident of my test taking skills in fluids. The variables are honestly the worst for me. Once I knew that we didnt need a calculator, I instantly knew this wasnt going to go well. Whatever. I just want this horrific semester to be over.

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