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Linear Project II

Hello again guys,

The deadline for our group project is this Friday, and although real-life applications are a little trickier than for Fluids, I think my group has a practical approach that mixes in a bit of sci-fi flare.

Linear has proven to be a bit more abstract than I like, but I do believe Dr. Ferrar has done a decent job of limiting the conceptual math.  Even as I am catching up on the current material, I am having a difficult time realizing the applications without his examples.  That being said, I think that our project will do a service in my eventual understanding of sensitivity matrices and their purpose.

I’m looking forward to completing the project (hopefully tomorrow, along with the Fluids group project) and eliminating one more variable in this hectic semester.

Good luck, and thanks for reading,



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5 responses to “Linear Project II

  1. tug96949

    Agreed on the application of linear systems. When I took linear circuits at a community college we did linear systems matrices without knowing what was going on. Was just taught to get all the voltages and the resistance values*current values. Put them in a matrix and solved on a calculator. Also prior to this class, I haven’t had much exposure to multiple equation systems. Sometimes 2 or three but there are simple substitution techniques that most have learned a while ago to solve for one variable and work your way through the problem.

  2. very tricky stuff indeed, i had a similar experience with my project. good luck with yours!

  3. r3vots

    I’ve really liked being able to apply linear systems to the real world. Dynamic systems will likely prove to be much more difficult, but luckily, I’m a BioEngineer and don’t have to take that. One thing that I’ve really taken away from Linear Systems, is the matrices and problems you can solve using them. It proves to be very helpful and much less time consuming than alternative methods.

  4. I definitely agree that finding the a topic to relate linear system to is much harder than fluids. Where as finding a real life fluid dynamics problem is as easy as looking it up online . Linear can be applied to almost anything.

  5. Trying to figure out a system was the most difficult part. I hope you did well. I am a litter disappointed in this blog post. I was expecting more entertainment.

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