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Final (Required) Post I

So I am required to write two final posts to finish out the semester, I figured for this one I will focus more on the optional prompt, and maybe visit a broader conclusion for the semester in the next post.

I feel like blogging is a good exercise in flexing one’s creative muscles, especially when there is a means to relate it to the material that has been covered in class.  I believe in many aspects this was beneficial for garnering my own understanding of practical applications, especially in Mechanics of Fluids.  That course particularly has been one that I’ve looked forward to for a long time, and it did not disappoint my expectations of being challenging yet rewarding.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts regarding the course and especially the projects, I’ve had the opportunity to deepen my understanding of concepts that I already had applied in my own personal and professional life for years.  I still have the chance to finish the course with an A as well, and I will strive to make that happen in our final weeks this semester.

As far as continuing to blog, I would like to make that happen.  Quite frankly, I know that most of my audience is going to disappear with the grade aspect of the blog, and generally I prefer to keep to myself when I feel like no one is reading.  I generally follow the same format on other platforms, and try to limit my interactions on social media to topics that a few of my personal friends share an interest in.

What makes that challenging is that I don’t have many friends (outside of school) that share my passion for engineering at the same level.  I generally limit my posts on the subject to things that can be considered “memes, badass, or over the top,” such as this Osprey (text is NSFW) “giving the bird.”  There’s a joke correlating human and bird flight in there somewhere, but I’m currently unable to make the connection.

Balancing myself online is occasionally difficult as well, especially because of my personality and sense of humor.  I struggled with putting that image in this post because of the implications of potential disapproval on a professional level.  I would hate for a professor to think less of me because of a silly gif that I find humorous, but I also don’t believe posting something like that should define someone’s perception of me.

I understand that I would most likely be found guilty in the “court of wrong” on this particular matter, but I feel like my creativity could outweigh the negativity associated with my particular style of self-expression.  Of course, what I think doesn’t really matter; that is up to the establishment and the internet to decide.

All that matters to me is that I’ve relished writing (the good posts) for you guys this semester, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the positive feedback that I’ve received from my audience.  It’s been great reading everyone’s interpretations of life this semester, and I’m thankful that I got to experience such a plethora of personalities.

Thanks for reading, and good luck to all,



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I'm a mechanical engineering student that loves aviation and hockey.

7 responses to “Final (Required) Post I

  1. You are right, blogging made my mind clearer and open to any ideas that come to my mind. Sometimes I feel like I want to talk about something so I google that and learn more about what I need. Thank you for the post and good luck in your finals.

  2. ti36xpro

    It was a pleasure reading your blog this semester. Probably my favorite because of your writing style! Best of luck!

  3. You should keep blogging! Im sure someone out there will find you one day and you will once again have an audience, only this time it will be one that isnt just looking for grade points.

  4. tug76219 ⋅

    I can tell that you really do like blogging and I actually enjoy reading your posts as they are very informative. you should continue to blog; it seems to be giving you some good insights.

  5. I think you are very right, good luck on your finals

  6. klkianzad

    Tim great post. good luck on your finals.

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